Vibe 15 Liter Dry Erase Mini Fridge

The Cooluli Vibe 15 Liter Dry Erase Mini Fridge puts the fun in functional—its dry-erase board front brings a whole new level of cool to the standard mini fridge.

Its portable profile sports a generous 15-liter capacity. It’s tailor-made for campuses, co-working spaces, and anywhere else you need to keep drinks, snacks and other goodies chilled (or warmed)!

The Vibe goes from cooling to warming with one quick switch. Exclusive EcoMax™ Technology features our unique cooling system, making the Vibe-15LE powerful, yet quiet and cost-effective.

The Vibe-15LE Thermo-Electric Cooler/Warmer is 100% environmentally friendly—its advanced semiconductor operation uses no refrigerants or Freons.

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