EcoMax™ Technology

Experience the Cooluli standard of excellence with a collection of exceptional thermo-electric cooler/warmer mini fridges that deliver optimum performance for daily life.

What is EcoMax™?

Packed within Cooluli’s compact size lies a mighty technological innovation we call EcoMax™. EcoMax™ by Cooluli is exclusively built into all our thermo-electric units and it refers to our unique cooling system featuring an innovative semiconductor operation that is powerful, produces low- to no-noise, and is completely energy efficient (saving your wallet and the planet at the same time!).


Eco stands for economical—delivering low-power usage (and high-watt savings)

Max stands for maximum cooling—providing more balanced cooling (necessary for food preservation)

Less is more with EcoMax™

Compared to a competitor’s 4-liter model, the Cooluli Classic-4L unit featuring EcoMax™ technology saved a considerable amount of energy. In a 24-hour period, the competition consumed 1.17 kWh (kilowatt hour), while the Cooluli Classic used only 0.92 kWh. This drew an average power of 0.67 amps (ampere) on the competition versus only 0.48 amps on the Cooluli Classic.

This is over a 20% reduction in energy usage. And less energy does NOT mean less effective. The competition had an internal temperature of 48°F during the test period, compared to Cooluli’s impressively cold 35°F—that’s an over 10°F differential!

This means you conserve more energy, save more money, and enjoy a cooler, more refreshing drink (or snack or whatever you like to keep cool, or warm, in your Cooluli)! Plus, our state-of-the-art technology makes your Cooluli virtually noise-free.

Thermo-electric Technology 101

Thermo-electric cooling utilizes the Peltier effect. The Peltier effect is driven by an electric current that transfers heat from one material or section to another. Your Cooluli unit(s) uses this effect to cool (or heat) your unit.

Green is Great

Cooluli believes that environmentally friendly design is smart design—it’s where technology meets sustainability. All Coolulis employ thermo-electric technology—featuring an advanced semiconductor that uses zero refrigerants, zero Freons and zero compressors—making them 100% eco-friendly!