About Us

Cooluli emerged in Brooklyn, NY in 2016 when after an extensive search, the founders stumbled upon the answer to what they saw as a technological void in the Thermoelectric industry Cooler/Warmers are the answer to the market’s growing need for portable, high-end mini cooling systems. From the day we opened our doors, customers have been swarming in our direction, bringing rave reviews of the quality, efficiency, and convenience of our products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to only manufacture using top quality materials to ensure that the quality of our products is second to none. If a problem arises, we handle swiftly and professionally.

Our Vision

We envision a world where consumers may keep their items at an ideal temperature regardless of their location so they may receive the full benefit of their favorite things, regardless where they are.


Our drive to create the best thermoelectric coolers spawns from years of research into how customers store products at desired temperatures and reflects the age of mobility, travel, and customer independence.

See What They Are Saying

We purchased this cooler for our nursery to store my breastmilk. The temperature can go down to 29F which is well below 39F. It saves my husband and I trips to refrigerator late at night. Definitely recommend.


Michelle Stone